Welcome to my world of photography and inspiration!

Wild hair/don’t care. Taken by my fabulous friend  Lucy .

Wild hair/don’t care. Taken by my fabulous friend Lucy.

In my mind we’re sitting here together over a cup of coffee (or a good glass of wine), and talking about art and  life.

If you would meet me in person the first thing you would ask is how to pronounce my name. Easy answer: Oo-teh

You would also hear that I have a strong German accent, which might be something you can even see in my pictures.

Before I left the country at the age of 24 to go out and explore, I was born and raised in Germany. Foreign landscapes and languages are a big passion of mine. I also really love the ocean, books and long walks with my dog.

After my kids grew up, I discovered photography as my form of art. It became my way of self expression, story telling and enjoying life. Specialty lenses - mostly Lensbaby products - allow me to make my visions a reality.

This is the place for you to find inspiration and motivation to use your own camera and create art!