How I Create Art, Even When Life Is Busy

The month of August was a whirlwind of trips, visitors and celebrations. Between birthday parties, all three kids back at home - friends included, and countless trips to the airport, it can be difficult to stay cool and relaxed.Oh, did I mention my dog, my cat and the extremely cute and playful kitten? You get the picture, right?

As much as I love it when the house is full of laughter, I tend to stress out over the workload of things that need to be organized. While it might sound counter productive, that's the time to take a break and do something for my soul. So I pick up my camera and play.

The more stressful my life is, the more I tend to go for quiet pictures. Twice a week I drop my daughter off at a barn for her horseback riding lessons. It nests in a gorgeous neighborhood with an abundance of trees. Once the sun sets behind the mountains, the light is warm and inspiring.

Continuing last month's trend, I decided to whip out my Lensbaby Trio 28 lens. Within minutes I felt my body and soul relaxing. Picture by picture, click after click I could feel how the combination of nature and love fixed me.

At the beginning of the year I came across a saying that I made my personal motto for 2018:


Going out and taking pictures, I must admit,  is a very active form of rest. Nevertheless it get's me in the moment. I love how it recharges my batteries. Go try it out yourself and let me know how it worked for you!

This blog post is part of the blog circle I joined in January. We are a group of Lensbaby enthusiasts from all around the world. Each month we share a blog post of Lensbaby images. Every blog in the circle will end with a link to the next member. Please continue your journey and head over to Seonaid's blog. Thanks for reading and see you soon again with more stories!