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Jump into Life with a new Lens – Lensbaby Edge 35

What’s better than one new thing or experience? Two new things! A few weeks ago, I went to Morocco with a Lensbaby prototype in my bag. The more of the unknown, the better for me. My excitement was skyrocketing about the fact that I could not only explore a new country but combine the trip with a brand-new lens in my collection. I think you get the picture. If you’re a coffee person, then I could relate it to the feeling that comes right after two really perfect cups of goodness. I couldn’t wait to try something fun and new.

Imagine a lens that allows you to peel away all the layers of our daily hustle and bustle. A lens that guides your eyes to the heart of the story immediately. The new Lensbaby Edge 35 is all this and more. I’m in love with how adjustable the thin slice of sharpness is and how it allows you to express a unique story in each picture.

But don’t take my word for it; see for yourself!

Let’s start with the Medinas of Morocco:

Popular scooters roam the streets of Morocco

More traditional are the bikes.

Traveling through the Medina of Marakesh.

People crowd all over the place. Every alley, every corner, someones there.

Pair of poses.

Cats are almost as common as people, lounging in the streets like its their city.

Waiting for mom.

Unlikely buddies.

Not your typical sunset dinner.

Birds flutter around the incoming fisherman’s boat looking for an easy dinner.

After my trip to Morocco I continued to use the Edge 35 here in California.

Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Disney Concert Hall from the outside – look how the thin layer of sharpness guides your eye directly to the person posing on the stairways.

Here tilting the lens created a miniature effect.

And again, the focus will fall wherever you want, depending on which direction you bend the lens.

Great to isolate subjects.


Wildflowers, Walker Canyon Poppy Fields


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