Twist 60 Vs. Burnside 35

It’s always interesting to see how tow lenses compare side-by-side, under the exact same conditions. A short while ago I had the chance to do this with two specialty lenses made by Lensbaby: Twist 60 and Burnside 35. Each lens has a lot to offer and deciding which one to use depends on the story you want to tell.

In this first set of comparison images, you’ll see the difference between photos that were taken with the effect slider fully open and fully closed. Beyond that, you’ll see the difference between each of theses options at f2.8 and f5.6.

Twist 60 at f2.8

Burnside 35 at f2.8 with the effect slider fully open

Twist 60 at f5.6


Burnside 35 at f5.6 with effect slider fully open

Burnside 35 at f5.6 with effect slider fully closed

While the pictures taken with the Twist 60 are all about the details in my daughter’s hair, the Burnside 35 photos are all about storytelling. With the use of the built-in-vignette on the Burnside 35, the picture becomes a lot more focused and moody. The wider open the lens, the more visible the swirl effect.

Landscapes with Twirl 60 and Burnside 35

Next I tested both lenses for landscapes and close-ups. First, I have two pictures taken with Burnside 35, one with the effect slider fully open and the next with the vignette slider fully closed.

Burnside 35 with effect slider fully open

Burnside 35 with effect slider fully closed

Below you’ll see the same scene, his time taken with Twist 60. Here you’ll see some nice compression and you’ll notice that a smaller part of the scene is visible.

Twist 60

In the images below, you’ll see another scene comparing both lenses.

Burnside 35

Twist 60 – taken from the same pov as the previous picture

The next two pictures show how Burnside 35 allows the photographer to get much closer to the subject compared with Twist 60, a lens that asks for a lot more distance.

Burnside 35

Twist 60

Depending on what you’re going for, each lens has its function. I personally like to shoot very tight pictures and love the that I can get close-ups with Burnside 35.

Landscapes with Burnside 35 – with and without vignette

The vignette slider on this lens is a very useful feature. As you can see in the photos below, depending on whether you use it or not, the mood of the scene changes completely.


Burnside 35 at f2.8 with effect slider wide open

Burnside 35 at f2.8 with the effect slider closed


From the light and airy photo above to more moody, colorful image below, I can create any kind of atmosphere in my pictures. I personally like to play with both settings while shooting, checking while I work to find the look I want to achieve.

Playing with the Burnside 35 – how swirly can you go?

Burnside 35 at f2.8

Burnside 35 at 2.8

When shooting with Burnside 35, how swirly can you go? The answer is – try it yourself! I guess it is pretty visible how much fun I was having trying to use a wide open aperture to add playfulness to my photos. Both of the photos above are uncropped. In both cases, I was really close to my subject, and I worked the brighter light in the background to my advantage.

Playing around with the Twist 60

So, last but not least, let me show you how the same idea looks with the Twist 60. Both lenses have an amazing bokeh, but the Twist 60 shows a little more compression and, again, less background. When using an aperture of 2.8 the swirl is a little more detailed on the Burnside 35. My advice is to think about how much background you want to include in your photo and make your decision from here.

Twist 60 at f2.8

Twist 60 at f2.8

In my opinion, both lenses are must-haves for the creative photographer, depending on the story you want to tell. Both lenses are equally useful. The Twist 60 for a more condensed story, while Burnside 35 gives the viewer more details and less compression. All the pictures in this post were taken handheld, and I had not problem getting the focus on the details that I chose to show.

This article was previously published on the Lensbaby Blog. Follow the link to find out more about their products.


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