Three Ways to Get, Light and Inspiration into Your Pictures

Photography is my way of communicating with the world and of expressing my emotions. At the same time it connects me with the past and allows me to be in the present. I wish I could create with a concept in mind, but that’s not how things work for me. So I go out, with no idea, just my feelings and things slowly develop while I work. Taking pictures completes me, and it’s sort of like my personalized diary.

Over the years I still developed a  skills set that helped me to create pictures that mirror my emotions.

Let me tell you about my three go-to tips:

  • Smells

Very often I wish I could add fragrances to my pictures, because it’s such an essential ingredient of inspiration for me. Sagebrush, rosemary and lavender are the smells of Southern California – the place that I feel so blessed to call home now. Depending on where you live this might be different for you. When I’m in Germany for the summer, I love it when sudden rain brings out the damp smell of dirt and foliage. Think about smells that make you happy.

  • Feelings

When you’re just starting out (or coming back to photography after a break), finding confidence can feel like a huge challenge. Try to connect to how you feel before you start shooting and evaluate where you are in life at this point. Be honest with yourself and give yourself room for all kinds of emotions. Initially this might feel like a huge wave of feelings crashing over you, but soon you will start to feel more settled and ready to take pictures that speak to your soul.

  • Be still

Often I sit down before I shoot. With my eyes closed I listen to the sounds around me. This lets me melt into the scenery, almost like becoming part of something bigger, instead of being a visitor. Give yourself time to process your surroundings. Photography is so much more than following the rules. Let it be an art that comes from your  heart!




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